WPBeginner got Moo’ed – Moo Luxe Business Cards Review

Every business needs a business card if you hope to exchange contact information at networking events or conferences. Few weeks ago, the folks over at Moo reached out to us with regards to a product review. We are normally very skeptical about these business card companies because most of them are low quality. However, in the past we had heard good things about Moo, so we decided to take them up on their offer under the condition that if their product sucked, we won’t write a review at all. They agreed and gave us some credits to use their business card printing service. When the product arrived, we were totally stunned by the quality. It was so good that we already ordered a second batch hence the title, WPBeginner got Moo’d. This post is a courtesy review of Moo Luxe Business cards.

After ordering, it took a few days for our cards to get here. From the very first impression, we started to appreciate Moo’s attention to details. The cards came in an elegant little box with magnetic closures which was wrapped in a purple ribbon fastened by what looked like a stamped wax seal. Literally, our first impression was WOW.

Moo Card Box with Wax Seal

Crazy huh? Most business card companies just send you a crappy paper box that you can’t even carry with you for more than one event. This unboxing experience really won our heart. The cool thing about this box was that it was SOLID and had magnetic closures. You can carry it with you for events without ever risking your cards being bent. We have already carried it with us to two events, WordCamp Raleigh and WordCamp Orlando.

Moo Cards Box Opened

So, you think the box was awesome? Wait till you see the business card. We ordered their Luxe Business Cards that sounded really good on their website. The luxe card is printed on a very high quality paper, so when a person holds it, they can feel the quality and the weight. It is about 3 times thicker than an average business card. When we handed this card out at events, we got compliments from just about every person. People were like “Wow, this puts my card to shame. Where did you get it?” Now when you get this type of reactions, you know that you have made the right choice. Check it out in the picture below.

WPBeginner MOO Luxe Card

Did you notice the thickness of the card? It looks like that it is two cards glued together, but it is not. It is really one card. We chose to keep our middle color be black, but you can have it black, blue, pink, or white. Since we had a few extra credits, we ordered a business card holder. Most business card holders will probably ruin the quality of these cards. We got the holder that they call “The ShowCase”. It should really be called “The ShowOFF” because it is that good. It will get you tons of compliments because you have the coolest business card holder compared to everyone at the conference.

Moo Card Holder

So at the first look, it is a sleek business card holder that flips open. At least that is what most people will think. But there are times when you are talking in a group, and everyone wants to exchange business cards. That’s the perfect moment for you to use the sliding ability which they call it “fan out”.

Moo Card Holder Slide Open

A word of advice, practice the flip and sliding feature with one hand. It looks so much cooler. Honestly, this was the best business cards we have ever had. With their attention to detail, awesome presentation skills, and super high quality product, Moo has convinced us to be a lifetime user.

If you were looking to order business cards for your company, then we highly recommend checking out Moo Cards.