Promoting Your Blog in the Age of Social Media (BlogWorld LA 2011)

Great panel with Brett Green, Jeannine Crooks, Doylee Albee and Joshua Dorkin. This panel was moderated by Dave Taylor.

Promoting Your Blog in this age of Social Media

The panel started with the talk of strategy. As I always stress out, you need to have: Goals Goals Goals. While you are not writing a check to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc, you are still spending time. Time is a valuable asset for your business. You have to analyze the goals for your business, and narrow your audience. You should target the network that is providing you the most results for your blog and your business.

Next thing you need to do is be passionate about your product. You have to know what you are talking about. You have to be able to communicate with the audience you are reaching.

One of the key point brought up by Jeannine was about automation. Just because something can be automated doesn’t mean that it should be automated. You shouldn’t run auto-reply campaigns. You should be social. Treat your followers like actual people. Don’t talk at them. Talk to them. I have always stressed that which is why I never run automated reply campaigns. It really sucks when you are saying the same thing to everyone who mentions a specific keyword to you.

They talked about blogging and its place within social media. Whether blogs will stay or will they go away? Joshua suggested that moving to a third party site solely is not a good option. You should always strive to owning your own content. I am always an advocate of owning your own content and have your blog as the central hub. Think of your blog as the heart that pumps blood to your organs which are these social networks.

Bottom line is have a strong personality. People relate with people not businesses. Your personality will be the core of your success.

If you would like to see the entire session or any of the other session you may do so at Blog World Expo