9 Best Audio Player Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has built-in support to handle audio files in various formats. It can automatically embed an audio file in a supported format, but what if you need more features like playlists, customization options, etc? In this article, we have hand-picked the bet audio player plugins for WordPress.

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1. Add Audio Files and Playlists in WordPress

WordPress can automatically embed an audio file in mp3 format. All you need to do is upload the file using the media uploader, and insert the file URL in the post editor like this:


You can also create playlists by selecting multiple audio files in media uploader and clicking the create audio playlist link from the left.

Creating an audio playlist in WordPress

When you insert the audio playlist in the post editor, you will be able to see it in the visual editor. You can add audio playlists in any WordPress post or page.

An audio playlist in WordPress without any plugin

2. Audio Album

Audio Album

Audio Album plugin is written for the purpose of displaying audio playlists and albums using the built-in WordPress functionality. Audio Album extends this functionality by offering an easier way to style your media player and the appearance of your albums.

It can also be used to add single tracks. The plugin comes with easy to use shortcodes that offer plenty of options. It also provides a basic stylesheet that you can edit to customize the media player.

3. Simple Audio Player

Simple Audio Player

Simple Audio Player is a comprehensive audio plugin for WordPress. Instead of using HTML5 as the default playback option, Simple Audio Player uses flash as the default and HTML5 as the fallback.

The plugin also provides easier options to change the color and size of the media player. Simple audio player plugin lets you enter audio playlists and tracks using a shortcode.

4. Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player

The default WordPress audio player takes all the available width in your post area. Compact WP Audio player solves this by adding a smaller audio player that can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.

This plugin uses HTML5 playback as the default option and offers flash as the fallback. It is fully responsive and even if you select a wider player, it will adjust itself automatically to fit user’s device or screen size.

5. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player offers a customizable and trendy looking audio player for WordPress. It comes with a lot of options, and it can also be used with Easy Digital Downloads to sell your digital content.

Your users can rate songs without leaving the page. The main feature of the plugin is its visual appearance. It can also display your album art and meta data beautifully.

6. CP Media Player

CP Media Player

CP Media Player is a beautiful audio/video player for WordPress. It comes with a custom media player with several skins to change its appearance. It works on all devices and is fully responsive. Another useful feature of CM media player is the ability to display subtitles using the WebSRT format.

7. Simple Music Widget

Simple Music Widget

Simple Music Widget adds an audio player widget that you can add to sidebars on your WordPress site. It is particularly useful if you want to display media along with other content on your website.

Simple music widget is extremely easy to use and comes with its own widget settings. See our tutorial on how to add an audio music player widget in WordPress.

8. SoundCloud is Gold

SoundCloud is Gold

As the name suggests, SoundCloud is Gold is a WordPress plugin for SoundCloud. It allows you to easily manage your audio files hosted on SoundCloud. WordPress automatically embeds SoundCloud files using the oEmbed protocols, but this plugin allows you to do much more than that.

You can manage your SoundCloud files from within your WordPress admin area, add files to your posts and pages without leaving the post editor, and add albums / playlists on the fly.

9. Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting is the best WordPress plugin for podcaster. It is a powerful, feature rich solution designed specifically for podcasting. It works with any hosting solution, but it works particularly well with Blubrry a hosted solution for podcasters.

It optimizes your podcast files for SEO, allows you to manage your podcasts efficiently, and more importantly it allows your users to easily subscribe to your podcast. Check out our step by step guide on how to start a podcast with WordPress.

We hope this article helped you find the best audio player for your WordPress site. You may also want to check out our list of best WordPress themes for bands and musicians.

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